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Education and career planning

​Education and Career Planning (ECP) Program

The innovative Education and Career Planning (ECP) Program implemented at Bribie Island State High School provides individualised education and career guidance to students and their parents from Year 7 through to Year 12. Through this program, students and parents have an increased awareness of career options and the multiple pathways of achieving career goals. 
Through ECP, a student’s complete profile, including academic achievement, behaviour, absenteeism, career aspirations and extra curricular involvement is monitored and reviewed each semester. The culmination of this process is an ECP meeting with a teacher, the student and their parent / guardian. Discussions are focused on the alignment of student progress with education and career goals.

There are four distinct components to ECP:

  1. Career Education Lessons
  2. Careers Expo
  3. ECP interviews
  4. Tertiary Aspirant Program

Career Education Lessons

Students are more motivated and focused at school when they have clear goals. The career education lessons have a different focus in each year level, to suit the developmental stages of students. For instance, students in the middle school focus on career awareness, and link their interests to the subjects they select. 
In the senior school, the career education lessons focus on post-secondary pathways, preparing students for further education or the workforce. These lessons, which are embedded in the curriculum, enable students to make informed decisions about subject selection. 
At the completion of the career education lessons, all students have developed their own career plan. This plan is entered into OneSchool, which is discussed with parents as part of the ECP interview process (see below).

Careers Expo

After the Career Education lessons, but prior to Semester 2 ECP interviews, the school organises a Careers Expo to further assist students in setting career goals, making informed subject selection choices and career planning. 
The Careers Expo caters for the needs of students and parents from Year 7 through to Year 12, replacing the more traditional year level subject selection evenings. Each faculty area sets up displays and provides detailed subject information to parents and students on an individual basis. A series of formal information sessions also occur during the evening, including:
  • Junior School subject selection information
  • Year 10 into 11 subject selection information
  • QTAC application process for Yr 12s
  • school based traineeship and fulltime traineeship / apprenticeship options.
In addition to the subject selection displays, booths with representatives from universities, TAFE, employment agencies, Defence Forces, prospective employers and a range of other outside providers are available to the school community.

Education and Career Planning Interviews

The Parents and Citizens Association has given approval to dedicate two school days to Education and Career Planning interviews. One day occurs early in Term 2; the other day is mid Term 3. Students do not attend normal classes on this day. However, students are obliged to attend an ECP interview with their parents and one of their Learning Community teachers on this day. This teacher is referred to as the student’s ECP teacher. Interviews are conducted from 1.30pm to 8pm to best cater for the needs of families and last for approximately 20 minutes.
At these interviews, the ECP teacher presents the student and parent with a complete student profile. This profile, created in OneSchool, includes information on the student’s academic progress, behaviour, career aspirations identified as part of the Career Education lessons, absences, co and extra curricular involvement, and areas of commendation. The purpose of this interview is to ensure alignment of student performance, subject choice and career aspirations. The timing of the program is aligned with the critical subject selection decisions which the students are required to make at that time of the year, and with the transition into further education or the workforce for our Year 12 students. 
The ECP teacher assists the parent and their child with subject selection, ensuring there is alignment between academic performance, career aspirations and subjects selected. Subject selection forms are completed at the Term 3 interview.

Tertiary Aspirant Program (TAP)


TAP is a program which has been implemented in response to a need that was identified via the ECP process. TAP aims to provide OP eligible students with the incentive to strive to continue study with the tertiary field and demystify university by: 

  • Creating a greater awareness amongst students of university study options within South East Queensland.
  • Providing students with the information necessary to make an informed decision about Tertiary options.
  • Providing students with the skills to successfully study at the tertiary level.
  • Establishing links with current BISHS Alumni who have been successful in tertiary study.
ECP is a program that is very much supported by the school community, and has had excellent outcomes in terms of “Achieving Our Future”.