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Learning Communities


Our School is divided into four learning communities, this innovative structure has been adopted to improve student learning outcomes through the promotion of positive student-teacher-parent relationships. 

What is a Learning Community (LC)?


Learning Communities are semi-autonomous ‘mini-schools’ made up of a team of 20 teachers from various disciplines and one quarter of the students within the school. Currently, our School has four learning communities; Arrow, Laser, Heron and Dragon.


How does this structure support my child?


This ‘mini school’ approach improves parent-teacher communication, fosters a holistic approach to student wellbeing and improves learning outcomes through the development of cross faculty learning programs. Our customised timetable ensures that junior students are taught by teachers within their LC, wherever possible.

The creation of a centralised teaching team for your child means that the majority of your child’s teachers are located in one staffroom. This in conjunction with family LC allocations provides parents with the opportunity to develop stronger relationships with a smaller group of Teachers over time.

The staffroom hub also fosters a student focused approach to teaching and student wellbeing rather than a subject centric approach. Allowing your teaching team to communicate with each other to develop cross faculty learning programs and holistic wellbeing programs, designed to meet the needs of the students in their LC. This innovative School structure also develops a deeper sense of belonging for all involved in our school community.

Due to the elective nature of the senior curriculum, senior school students are taught by teachers from across the four Learning Communities, but they still enjoy many other benefits the Learning Communities bring. 

What is the role of the Heads of Learning Community (HLC)?


Each Learning Community is jointly led by a small team of Heads of Learning Community. Each LC will allocate a Head of Learning Community to look after a particular year level of students.

  • The role of the HLC includes:
  • monitoring of behaviour and academic progress
  • gifted and talented identification and acceleration
  • identification of students at risk
  • implementation of support programs
  • implementation of the School Code of Behaviour.


Email is the best way to contact staff, please browse our contact list for further details.