Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) & BYOxLink


Bribie Island State High School has a well-established Information and Communication Technology (ICT) program for our current Year 7 to Year 12 student cohort. Our school infrastructure, policies and most importantly our curriculum, is continually undergoing renewal to ensure that we are able to deliver the highest quality service to your child. Online learning environments are being established to ensure your child has access to their learning 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our programs support educational needs and are designed for students to maximize their learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom. Mobile technology devices will help our school engage the digital generation by nurturing individual learning experiences.

Students will have to bring their own laptop into the School and have it connect to the school network. Students with BYO devices will have access to a filtered Internet connection, access to classroom content, eTextbooks on the new ReadCloud platform and a connection to print within the School.

This device will help facilitate effective student learning – both at school and at home. Currently, laptops are the only type of device permitted to be used within this program as tablets (iPADs and other smaller devices) are not timely or efficient when used as part of our school network. Students and parents/caregivers are asked to lend their support to this very valuable and innovative program. Strong support from parents and caregivers is paramount to ensure the program is successful and that students gain maximum benefit for their learning.  

In order to provide a consistent experience for students and to guarantee connection to the school network, it is important the device meets minimum specifications set out in the BYOD information booklet.

BYOD Information Booklet

Connecting to the Bribie Island SHS BYO Network

There are different processes to connect to the school BYO Network depending on your circumstances but in all cases you must have completed the Form 9.0  Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) connectivity request form  and handed it to the school Finance office.  

BYOxLink - Connect from home

BYOxLink will enable students and parents to install the School Wi-Fi and apps onto their devices from home streamlining the process so students and devices are ready for learning day one.  This will make access for students to the School Wi-Fi quicker and easier.

To use the new BYOxLink service, you will need to enrol the device into Microsoft Intune Company Portal.  Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) platform that, for the purpose of BYOxLink, allows the department to distribute a wireless network profile and curriculum related applications to BYO devices.

Instructions on how to do this are below.

The new BYOxLink needs to be installed at home and is an easy process as outlined in the videos. Instruction videos and documentation on how to install are located below;


BYOxLink - How to Guide - MacOS - Enrol your BYO device Intune…/a7d74c4e9d394f31b73f727a0c1e9…  

BYOxLink - How to guide - Windows 11 - Enrol your BYO device into Intune​

BYOxLink - How to guide - Windows 10 - Enrol your BYO device into Intune…/715e41cecde3404488298ecca633f…  

PDF Documents 

BYOxLink - How to Guide - MacOS - Enrol your BYO device Intune 

BYOxLink - How to guide - Windows 10 - Enrol your BYO device into Intune

BYOxLink - How to guide - Windows 11 - Enrol your BYO device into Intune

Office Suite

All state school students can now download multiple free copies of the latest Microsoft Office Suite to their personal devices. Students should refer to the below guides to access this free resource.

Microsoft Office for Windows - guide
Microsoft Office for MAC - guide


Free Windows 10

If you need to upgrade your device operating system to meet minimum specification - Windows 10 Education is available for free with a current student login;
• Select Microsoft Windows 10 Education and add to cart
• Sign in with your school student account
• After download start the upgrade

Last reviewed 20 January 2023
Last updated 20 January 2023