Rules and policies


​​At Bribie Island State High School, students have opportunities to engage in quality learning experinces and access equitable educational opportunities, resulting in improved outcomes for all students. Our school is committed to providing a safe, respectful and disciplined learning environment for students and staff.  High standards of behaviour are expected of all students to ensure learning and teaching can be achieved.  Rules and policies are provided to all parents and students upon enrolment.

Student Code of Conduct

The Bribie Island Island State High School Student Code of Conduct sets out the responsibilities and processes we use in our school to promote a productive, effective whole school approach to discipline.

Parent & Community Code of Conduct

Schools have been encouraged to develop their own version of a Pa​​r​en​​t and Community Code of Conduct​. ​

The Bribie Island State High School Parent and Community Code of Conduct was developed with our core values in mind.  It is important that this document works in conjunction with the Student Code of Conduct and the Public Service Code of Conduct.​

The document highlights the desire of the school to work in partnership with parents and carers to support our students to reach their full potential.  We encourage parents/carers to be involved and to keep up to date with current school information and events by engaging with school communication, such as newsletters. 

Whole school policies

  • The assessment and assignment policy sets out the requirements for students to achieve their best results 
  • The attendance policy and monitoring procedures supports the importance of attending school each and every day 
  • The computer network acceptable use policy ensures the safe use of digital technologies by our students
  • The dress code policy outlines school dress standards and expectations as determined by the school in conjunction with and endorsed by the Parents & Citizens association
  • The enrolment management plan  sets out the conditions under which students may be enrolled into Bribie Island State High School
  • The homework policy sets out requirements for students with regards to homework requirements for various year levels
  • The Student Code of Conduct sets out the responsibilities and processes we use in our school to promote a productive, effective whole school approach to discipline
  • The resource centre policy outlines the aims and use of the school resource centre


Recognition of student achievement

The school encourages excellence and acknowledges student achievements at three levels;

  • in class settings
  • on learning community assemblies
  • on whole school assemblies

Formal recognition for outstanding achievements is acknowledged at an annual Awards Night held in term 4.


Senior school policies

Special provisions policy and flowchart

The special provisions policy and flowchart outlines the conditions for students who may need extra support to complete their senior years of schooling

Vocational education and training (VET) complaints and appeals process

The VET complaints and appeals process is outlined to ensure Bribe Island State High School complies with Registered Training Organisation (RTO) requirements to support students

Last reviewed 03 November 2023
Last updated 03 November 2023