​Students experience:

  • “It would be too hard to describe my experience here with no more than words, but I am able to say that the months that I have spent at Bribie Island State High School have taught me things that I will never forget.  I have had an amazing time, learned about Australia and its culture, and built new friendships that I hope are going to last for my entire life.”  - Eugenia (Italy)
  •  “Bribie is the perfect spot for an exchange year because you can access the whole island by bicycle and easily visit your friends.  Furthermore, you can spend a lot of time at the beach and try surfing and other water sports.”  - Pascal (Switzerland)
  •  “I had such a fulfilling year at Bribie Island State High School!  My English has improved so much and I really feel I understand local Aussie culture now.  Some day I have to come back to Bribie.  I’m going to miss this place!”  Rika (Japan)
  •  “What I like about Bribie Island SHS is that every student wants to know more about you.  The teachers help me a lot when I need help.  Everyone wants me to have the best trip possible and to enjoy my stay here.”  - Youri (Belgium)
  •  “I like the environment at Bribie because it’s a small place.  There are so many international students so we get a lot more chance to be friends with local Aussie students.  This helps me improve my English a lot more and I have a lot of different experiences that I can only do here.  I really enjoy Aussie life on Bribie Island.” - Irene (Taiwan)
  • “Being a student at Bribe Island SHS was from the beginning on a pleasure for me. Teachers and students helped me wherever they could and every single subject taught me something new. Bribe Island SHS provides many opportunities for everyone to get involved in, for example lunch time activities where there were dance performances or recognising special days like Valentine’s Day, Harmony Day, Anti-bullying Day, etc. Everyone took the time out to get involved to show what a great community Bribe Island SHS is.  It doesn't matter what nationality you are, students and teachers on Bribe Island SHS welcome everyone with open arms and try to make every international student the best time they can possibly have. I am grateful for every single day I spent on Bribe Island l and wish I would have been able to spend my whole school time in Bribe Island SHS." - Alina (Germany)
  •  “I had such a unique exper​ience at Bribie Island!  I’m not use to living in an island community and I found it very relaxing.  I could really enjoy my study abroad experience without being too stressed out about my English.”  Sofia (Brazil)


Last reviewed 08 November 2023
Last updated 08 November 2023